Adding more users to an exhibition

VirtualExpo supports multiple backend users for each exhibition and exhibitor partner.

On Exhibition level, each user can be receive manager status, and thus maintain the exhibition and all its exhibitor partners. To add a new Exhibition Manager, go to your „Organizers“ – „Exhibitions“ , and select the „Contacts“ tab. In there, you can see the already defined users (usually empty at the start), and add your own using the Add New button on the right hand side.

Important: Exhibition Managers have the right to update the exhibition, and each exhibitor’s booth!

After entering the Name, Email, and an optional Responsibility label, you can then select the checkbox after „Is manager“ if the user has management rights.

Once that form is saved, the new user will receive a mail with a notification and a login link. If the user is already logged in, please relog. Otherwise the new user should just follow the link. If the link times out, simply request a new login token from the login system.