Booth Contacts

Add contact persons to the booth

In order to add a exhibition person for your booth click the tag contacts. There you will find a button add contact.

If you click on the add contact button next to one of  the contact lines,  you get the contact editing dialogue. In there a contact needs a name and an email address. Optionally you can type in a responsibility which will be shown on the website, too. The email address will be used to send an email to the contact, giving the contact option to log in in to the managment screens – as explained above. Depending on the role of the contact, the contact is then able to activate text and video chat on the booth.

The role of the contact can be selected by either choosing „has chat“ in which the contact can be available in the text and videochat or show on on webseite, in which case the contact will be shown on the contact information on the website

—> see roles under ‘manager roles’

In addition to the company wide contacts, defined under company you can add several special contacts, Someone with a specialised role within your company– or someone who will handle the chats and videochat during the events .

Then you can define an avatar that is added in a 2d exhibition. You can upload an image in the format 640×480 px or you can use one of the stock images provided in right side of the contacts tab.

Below the tab there is a switch that decides if the managers  information  if the user profile should be shown at an exhibition or not not.