Booth Media


Exhibitors can add media and links to the booth, in particular videos, images and pdfs.


  • to add a Youtube, Vimeo or Cloudfare Streams videos, you only need to add the ID, not the complete link


  • you must have manager rights on the booth


  • In case there is no media displayed, the desk is not being displayed
  • Depending on the exhibitors category (Platinum, Gold, Silver…) the amount of media is limited.
  • Pdfs can not be larger than 20 Mb.

On the next tab website you can manage  which media to show on the website, exhibition booth and your desk. The sorting of the media on this page which is used by the website which supports the display many media on one page.

  • social media, youtube or vimeo only require the ID, not the complete URL

If you pick add new or edit on an existing media item you can select the media parameters: that is a short descriptive text, title of the media. Then it depends on the type of the media the information,

  • for a youtube video you have to provide the video ID NOT the youtube link.
  • For vimeo videos you have to provide the video ID and a preview image that is shown on platforms where there is no direct video integration.
  • For a pdf the pdf and a preview image that is shown fort he pdf when not the complete pdf is rendered.

How many media you can upload depends on the limits set by the exhibition organizer.

To add a pdf, you also need to upload an image of the pdf document as well as the pdf document. The image can be a screenshot of the pdf in Acrobat Reader for example.