Booth set up


The easy to use interface allows everyone to customize the booth. Exhibitor themselves can edit and manage their own booth.


The booth has been set-up by the expo manager and booth design and number of media are determined by the categories (Premium, Gold, Silver etc)


An expo manager has to assign a booth and set this one up in the main expo settings. Each booth has been assigned a category.


  • Markup Samples Editor
  • Square logo ratio 1:1
  • The exhibitor determines the category

Tab: Basic

‘Label’ displays above the booth

‘Short label’ on the overview page

First you add the name and the label for the booth. The name is abitrary – it will never be shown but it will be used in the URL. The Label is preferably a short version of the name. It will be shown on the website when there is no place for a really long descriptive company name.

There are 2 description fields:  The top one is a text only field and the bottom one is a field for text which wants to be formatted and the markdown samples explain how.

This is what this could look like

The second text field supports markdown formatting. Markdown is a simpified styling system with simplified HTML code.

Please click on the markdown samples to see styling options.

Markdown samples

Any formatting is illustrated on the right hand side and this way you can see what your text will look like on the main page.

Note: If you copy and paste your text from a word document you may find that a lot of the formatting is taken over already and only minor changes need to be done.


On the right side you can upload logo images. The first one is a wide logo – preferably it has a 2:1 ratio. But the ratio is not fixed – it can be much wider or higher – in general it is wider than higher though.

The second one is square with a fixed ratio of 1:1. Which one is used depends the fields within the system – the wide one is used for header banners – the square is used for logo displays. If you upload a non square image for a square logo – it will be resized for t he given aspect ratio – the missing spaces will be filled up with empty.

On the next tab is your company you define your company setting: company name, address, phone number, email address, website-url, which social networks you are contactable, welcome message for the website and chat system and a google analytics id. This google analytics id is used within a web based system and is for this booth only. You will get information for this specific booth. The exhibition itself has an exhibition id that tracks the exhibition independly including all booths.