Virtual Tools Custom tools for your virtual experience!

Book & Magazine creator

Platform : Second Life

Simple creation of books and magazines within Second Life, using a drag&drop interface.

All-In-One presentation wall

Platform : Sinespace

Specially built for conference environments, this wall allows the presenter to show different media to his audience.
Supports Webbrowser, Youtube, Screenshare, Webcam, and Whiteboard

Custom quiz system - scripting only

Platform : Sinespace

Custom scripted quiz system


Platform : Sinespace

The basic tool for all presenters, a laser pointer.


Platform : Sinespace

Perfect little tool for teachers, either point at something on the shown image, or place pins.
Lasers and pins can be used by teachers and students.

Director's HUD

Platform : Sinespace

A hud controlling several pre-placed cameras in scene and avatar worn cameras for a perfect live stream of your event!